Betta fish are among the most beautiful creatures. People are always fascinated by their amazing appearance and want to have them as pets. Also known as ”Siamese fighting fish”, the species comes from the exotic lands of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

In their natural habitat, they don’t have such vibrant colors, but when you find them in pet shops, you are dazzled by their imperial red, green and blue shades. These features make them very popular; almost every hobbyist has one in the aquarium, next to the 1st option – a goldfish. Just don’t keep these two together in the same tank. Nowadays, you can find Betta fish almost everywhere, even in grocery stores.

They are good looking and fun to look at because the species can be trained to do tricks and even recognize their owner. Specialists recommend owners to keep them isolated because they can harm themselves and other fish.

Since they are one of customers’ favorite in pet shops, let’s find out some interesting facts about Betta fish. Maybe you will decide that you want one of these cuties after you learn more about them.

  1.    In general, Betta refers to 70 fish species;
  2.    They seem peaceful, but Bettas will defend their territory in an aggressive way;
  3.    Bettas will eat almost anything, from insects to larvae and algae;
  4.    Their tails have different shapes: comb, double feather, half Moon, rose, crown and more;
  5.    In the wild, Bettas have dull colors – green and brown;
  6.    Males have brighter colors and are larger than females;
  7.    Bettas can survive out of water for a short time thanks to the ability to breathe air;
  8.    This species has the ability to build Bubbles nests even without a mate and in captivity;
  9.    Males always look after their offspring;
  10.    Being intelligent, they can feel pain and anger.

Like any other pet, Betta fish require compassion and care. Another interesting fact is that their perception and cognitive abilities are more developed than those of other species. Thanks to this feature, they can perform multiple tasks at the same time and their long-term memory is very developed.

You can create the best living environment for your Betta fish if you follow some simple steps.

–    Provide at least 24 square inches of space for every fish;

–    Make sure that their water is always clean and with proper temperature by installing an air pump and thermometer in the tank;

–    Create the proper environment, one that gives Betta the opportunity to explore. You can do that by decorating their aquarium with plants, rocks and others;

–    Keep them away from television sets and radios and don’t let direct sunlight touch them;

–    Feed them with proper food;

–    They like cleanliness, so their tank should be purified regularly. It’s not advisable to use tap water;

–    If they look sick, take them to a fish vet.

Take good care of them and Betta fish will be the best companions!