Although fish may not be the most interactive pets, they can still bring much joy to a house and represent the perfect gifts for small children who have just begun becoming responsible. However, keeping your fish happy does imply a lot of work and effort, and probably consistent amounts of money.

Apart from knowing which fish go together and buying the right lights and ventilation systems, you also need to know exactly how to decorate the fish tanks in order to create a calm and soothing environment that is also pleasant to the human eye. So, here are our top ideas on how to choose funny aquarium backgrounds and the best decorations for them.


Start with the substrates

A good way to create a beautiful fish tank decor is to start with the bottom layer. Here you have endless possibilities, from regular sand to colored sand, small gravel, glass pebbles, large gravel, and other types. Although it may seem that it’s solely your choice, sometimes the fish you are hosting will actually dictate the type of substrate you are going to use for their tank.

For instance, some fish spend most of their lives on the bottom, so you’re going to require a sandy substrate that is smooth and gentle for knife fish or eels. On the other hand, sand is not always the best choice if you plan on cleaning the tank regularly as it is lighter than gravel and you’ll have to replace every time you clean the tank thoroughly.

Gravel and glass stone represent a good choice for freshwater fish tanks but they are not necessarily the best options for large fish as they won’t provide a surface large enough for good bacteria to colonize.



The easiest way to improve your fish tank decor is to add as many plants as possible. Plants are not only good looking but are also extremely healthy for fish as they provide an additional source of oxygen, help clean the water, and make good hiding places for shy fellows. Moreover, plants will provide a more natural decor for your fish tank.

We suggest you opt for natural plants instead of fake ones in order to improve the tank’s water quality. Although cheaper and easier to look after, fake plants can also be somewhat dangerous as some fish will most likely chew small particles of them and might ingest the harmful plastic.

What not to add to your fish tank

As surprising as it may sound, although some materials are natural, they can still cause problems to your fish so they shouldn’t get inside the tank. We suggest you only purchase decor that was specifically designed for fish tanks and stay away from coins, copper, concrete, corals, glass, wood, large rocks, and even shells.