Taking good care of your pet fish is more accessible than it might look at first glance. This will enable you to enjoy it more and to increase its life expectancy. But before you go on and buy your favorite species, make sure you read this article to learn about some of the essential accessories you need for a smooth experience.

If your fish is happy, it will be alert, playful, active, and will live a longer, more meaningful life. I will break down not only the vital pieces of equipment you need but also some tricks that every beginner or fish care expert should know.

Adequate nutrition

The first thing you really have to do is feed your fish a varied diet. Proper nutrition is not something to be neglected, and that’s why I’ve decided to begin with this part. You need to feed your pet according to its species, since not all fish eat the same thing or at the same time.

For example, betta fish eat pellets for bettas, and exotic species eat tropical flakes. As universal treats, you can offer them bloodworms, shrimp bits, or algae wafers. But do that only from time to time, as it can lead to obesity and even death. Overfeeding is something first-time fish owners tend to do.


A proper tank

The next thing you would want to do is choose the right tank. The Internet is your best friend, so don’t be afraid to Google everything you want to know about the well-being of the preferred species. Just like with all pets, different breeds have different requirements. Betta fish, for example, only need a medium sized bowl to be happy, unlike other fish that need a tank.



Something else you need to buy for both your own well being and for the fish is decorations. Creating a beautiful aquarium will make you play more with your fish, and will make sure your pet has plenty of toys to explore. Some ideal decorations are plants, which can be both real and artificial, rocks, ships and anything that is even remotely interactive and where your pet can hide whenever it feels like doing so.



You should also invest in some quality gravel or substrate for your fish. Choose something that is non-toxic and easy to clean and that comes in larger elements like pebbles, so your fish won’t mistake it for food. Also, make sure that no matter what type of gravel you choose, you will change it at least once a week.

A quality water filter

The last thing I can recommend you buy, is a high-quality water filter because fish love clean water that is fresh and rich in oxygen. If you own a larger tank, you should go for a powerful water pump, which I promise that it will make cleaning sessions so much easier.