Who is Mitch Pileggi?


For many of us, “The X-Files” phenomenon represented the peak of our childhood and adolescence, as we were patiently waiting for a new episode to come out every week so we could see our favorite characters fighting the supernatural once more. However, apart from the famous Mulder and Scully, there was one other intriguing character that was part of this 90s show.

Mitch Pileggi played the role of Walter Skinner in the famous TV show and was credited for 91 episodes from 1994 until 2018. So, if you want to learn more about him, here is some useful information.

Early life

Born in 1952, he was one of the many children of Vito Pileggi and wife Maxine Anna. Because his father was a defense contractor, Mitch spent most of his early life stages moving from one place to another. He was born in Portland, Oregon, but soon moved to California, and then Texas. He spent his teenage years in a high school in Turkey where he moved with his family.

He was always an athletic figure and used to do wrestling and play football back in high school. After high school, Pileggi decided to move back to the United States and enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin.


Acting career

Mitch Pileggi has been attracted to acting ever since high school when he used to perform musical plays in Turkey. After returning to the United States and while he was pursuing his degree in business at the university, the actor continued his career, starring in B-rated movies. He was also cast as a guest star in popular TV shows such as Walker, Texas Ranger, and Dallas.

During the 1990s, before joining the cast of The X-Files, Pileggi appeared briefly in the Hollywood blockbuster Basic Instinct, in 1992, and in Vampire in Brooklyn, in 1995, starring Eddie Murphy.

However, his best-known role remains as the FBI’s Assistant Director Walter Skinner in the popular sci-fi TV show, The X Files. Pileggi’s role wasn’t originally recurring but he managed to become a regular member of the cast at the beginning of the 2000s. The show’s success determined the directors to make two additional movies, The X-Files film in 1998 and, a decade later, The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008). Both movies were successful so the show continued with a mini-series launched in 2016, starring the same actors, including Pileggi.

Other Roles

Apart from the show that turned him into a star, the actor also appeared in numerous other successful movies and TV shows, including Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), Dallas (2012-2014), Grey’s Anatomy (2007-2012), Supernatural (2008-2011), Castle (2010), Criminal Minds (2008), and others.


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Interesting facts about Betta fish


Betta fish are among the most beautiful creatures. People are always fascinated by their amazing appearance and want to have them as pets. Also known as ”Siamese fighting fish”, the species comes from the exotic lands of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

In their natural habitat, they don’t have such vibrant colors, but when you find them in pet shops, you are dazzled by their imperial red, green and blue shades. These features make them very popular; almost every hobbyist has one in the aquarium, next to the 1st option – a goldfish. Just don’t keep these two together in the same tank. Nowadays, you can find Betta fish almost everywhere, even in grocery stores.

They are good looking and fun to look at because the species can be trained to do tricks and even recognize their owner. Specialists recommend owners to keep them isolated because they can harm themselves and other fish.

Since they are one of customers’ favorite in pet shops, let’s find out some interesting facts about Betta fish. Maybe you will decide that you want one of these cuties after you learn more about them.

  1.    In general, Betta refers to 70 fish species;
  2.    They seem peaceful, but Bettas will defend their territory in an aggressive way;
  3.    Bettas will eat almost anything, from insects to larvae and algae;
  4.    Their tails have different shapes: comb, double feather, half Moon, rose, crown and more;
  5.    In the wild, Bettas have dull colors – green and brown;
  6.    Males have brighter colors and are larger than females;
  7.    Bettas can survive out of water for a short time thanks to the ability to breathe air;
  8.    This species has the ability to build Bubbles nests even without a mate and in captivity;
  9.    Males always look after their offspring;
  10.    Being intelligent, they can feel pain and anger.

Like any other pet, Betta fish require compassion and care. Another interesting fact is that their perception and cognitive abilities are more developed than those of other species. Thanks to this feature, they can perform multiple tasks at the same time and their long-term memory is very developed.

You can create the best living environment for your Betta fish if you follow some simple steps.

–    Provide at least 24 square inches of space for every fish;

–    Make sure that their water is always clean and with proper temperature by installing an air pump and thermometer in the tank;

–    Create the proper environment, one that gives Betta the opportunity to explore. You can do that by decorating their aquarium with plants, rocks and others;

–    Keep them away from television sets and radios and don’t let direct sunlight touch them;

–    Feed them with proper food;

–    They like cleanliness, so their tank should be purified regularly. It’s not advisable to use tap water;

–    If they look sick, take them to a fish vet.

Take good care of them and Betta fish will be the best companions!


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5 things you need if you want to have pet fish


Taking good care of your pet fish is more accessible than it might look at first glance. This will enable you to enjoy it more and to increase its life expectancy. But before you go on and buy your favorite species, make sure you read this article to learn about some of the essential accessories you need for a smooth experience.

If your fish is happy, it will be alert, playful, active, and will live a longer, more meaningful life. I will break down not only the vital pieces of equipment you need but also some tricks that every beginner or fish care expert should know.

Adequate nutrition

The first thing you really have to do is feed your fish a varied diet. Proper nutrition is not something to be neglected, and that’s why I’ve decided to begin with this part. You need to feed your pet according to its species, since not all fish eat the same thing or at the same time.

For example, betta fish eat pellets for bettas, and exotic species eat tropical flakes. As universal treats, you can offer them bloodworms, shrimp bits, or algae wafers. But do that only from time to time, as it can lead to obesity and even death. Overfeeding is something first-time fish owners tend to do.


A proper tank

The next thing you would want to do is choose the right tank. The Internet is your best friend, so don’t be afraid to Google everything you want to know about the well-being of the preferred species. Just like with all pets, different breeds have different requirements. Betta fish, for example, only need a medium sized bowl to be happy, unlike other fish that need a tank.



Something else you need to buy for both your own well being and for the fish is decorations. Creating a beautiful aquarium will make you play more with your fish, and will make sure your pet has plenty of toys to explore. Some ideal decorations are plants, which can be both real and artificial, rocks, ships and anything that is even remotely interactive and where your pet can hide whenever it feels like doing so.



You should also invest in some quality gravel or substrate for your fish. Choose something that is non-toxic and easy to clean and that comes in larger elements like pebbles, so your fish won’t mistake it for food. Also, make sure that no matter what type of gravel you choose, you will change it at least once a week.

A quality water filter

The last thing I can recommend you buy, is a high-quality water filter because fish love clean water that is fresh and rich in oxygen. If you own a larger tank, you should go for a powerful water pump, which I promise that it will make cleaning sessions so much easier.



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How to take the looks of your fish tank to a whole new level


Although fish may not be the most interactive pets, they can still bring much joy to a house and represent the perfect gifts for small children who have just begun becoming responsible. However, keeping your fish happy does imply a lot of work and effort, and probably consistent amounts of money.

Apart from knowing which fish go together and buying the right lights and ventilation systems, you also need to know exactly how to decorate the fish tanks in order to create a calm and soothing environment that is also pleasant to the human eye. So, here are our top ideas on how to choose funny aquarium backgrounds and the best decorations for them.


Start with the substrates

A good way to create a beautiful fish tank decor is to start with the bottom layer. Here you have endless possibilities, from regular sand to colored sand, small gravel, glass pebbles, large gravel, and other types. Although it may seem that it’s solely your choice, sometimes the fish you are hosting will actually dictate the type of substrate you are going to use for their tank.

For instance, some fish spend most of their lives on the bottom, so you’re going to require a sandy substrate that is smooth and gentle for knife fish or eels. On the other hand, sand is not always the best choice if you plan on cleaning the tank regularly as it is lighter than gravel and you’ll have to replace every time you clean the tank thoroughly.

Gravel and glass stone represent a good choice for freshwater fish tanks but they are not necessarily the best options for large fish as they won’t provide a surface large enough for good bacteria to colonize.



The easiest way to improve your fish tank decor is to add as many plants as possible. Plants are not only good looking but are also extremely healthy for fish as they provide an additional source of oxygen, help clean the water, and make good hiding places for shy fellows. Moreover, plants will provide a more natural decor for your fish tank.

We suggest you opt for natural plants instead of fake ones in order to improve the tank’s water quality. Although cheaper and easier to look after, fake plants can also be somewhat dangerous as some fish will most likely chew small particles of them and might ingest the harmful plastic.

What not to add to your fish tank

As surprising as it may sound, although some materials are natural, they can still cause problems to your fish so they shouldn’t get inside the tank. We suggest you only purchase decor that was specifically designed for fish tanks and stay away from coins, copper, concrete, corals, glass, wood, large rocks, and even shells.


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